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About Us

Sugar Divas Cakery has a past as sweet as our recipes. Some time ago,  13 year-old Clare Otto created a scrumptious birthday cake for her grandmother. By age 15 our rising star had taken “Sugar Craft” classes in England, and was constantly designing new creations in her family’s kitchen. With creativity, determination, and countless pounds of sugar, Clare became the master decorator she is today, and the idea of Sugar Divas Cakery was born.

At Sugar Divas, our passion is not only to create, but also teach and entertain along the way. We offer decorating parties for events ranging from ladies' nights, to children’s birthday parties.

With over 62 years of combined experience, we like to think we bring out the potential artist in everyone.


Life’s one big cake, add some icing!

Our Core Values



We are passionate about creating happiness, evoking positive emotions, and believe every occasion is worth celebrating.



We believe in honesty, reliability and sincerity. We are dedicated to creating the best product, utilizing our skills and our focus on our customer experience.





We believe  everyone deserves something unique. We can customize any product to exceed your expectations.

We put the ART in party! Our commitment to detailed craftsmanship makes for a visually stimulating statement at any celebration.



Clare Otto, Owner

We are a female owned company and believe in family, togetherness and teamwork. We look to empower women to enrich our community.